2010 - Western Washington

Bellingham, Washington

Senior Car #4 (Orphan)
Design:  10th
Cost:  6th
Sales Presentation:  28th
Acceleration:  18th
Maneuverability: 4th
Hill Climb:  16th
Rock Crawl:  3rd
Endurance: 8th
Overall: 2nd

Underclass Car (Al)
Design:  39th
Cost:  3rd
Sales Presentation:  21st
Acceleration:  7th
Maneuverability: 11th
Hill Climb:  11th
Rock Crawl:  4th
Endurance: 21st
Overall: 9th
Out of 103 Registered Teams


2009 Competition - University of Wisconsin

Madison, WI

Senior Car #14 (Al)
Design:  19th
Cost:  12th
Sales Presentation:  9th
Acceleration:  8th
Maneuverability: 28th
Tractor Pull:  70th
Mud Bog: 22nd
Endurance: 35th
Overall: 21st
Out of 124 Registered Teams








2009 Competition - Oregon State University

Portland, Oregon

Senior Car #4 (Al)
Design:  5th
Cost:  6th
Sales Presentation:  9th
Acceleration:  7th
Maneuverability: 15th
Hill Climb:  16th
Rock Crawl:  11th
Endurance: 9th (after penalty)
Overall: 11th

Underclass Car #117 (Herbie)
Design:  23th
Cost:  4th
Sales Presentation:  19st
Acceleration:  18th
Maneuverability: 16th
Hill Climb:  11th
Rock Crawl:  18th
Endurance: 14st
Overall: 4th
Out of 95 Registered Teams


2008 - Catepillar Proving  Grounds

(Peoria, IL)
2 Cars registered- #117 (Underclass) and #7 (Seniors)
Senior Car (Herbie)
Design:  4th
Cost:  8th
Sales Presentation:  17th
Acceleration:  32nd
Maneuverability: 8th
Hill Climb:  2nd
Rock Crawl:  11th
Endurance: 19th
Overall: 6th

Underclass Car (Blue Falcon)
Design:  36th (after penalty)
Cost:  7th
Sales Presentation:  1st
Acceleration:  49th
Maneuverability: 16th
Hill Climb:  46th
Rock Crawl:  38th
Endurance: 1st
Overall: 4th
Out of 115 Registered Teams

2007 - South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

(Rapid City, SD)
2 Cars registered- #49 (Underclass) and #7 (Seniors)
Senior Car (Blue Falcon)
Design:  25th
Cost:  38th
Sales Presentation:  12th
Acceleration:  2nd
Maneuverability: 6th
Hill Climb:  1st
Rock Crawl:  12th
First overall on Dynamic day.
Overall: 11th

Underclass Car (Psychedelic War Donkey)
Design:  14th
Cost:  41st
Sales Presentation:  8th
Acceleration:  17th
Maneuverability: 7th
Hill Climb:  17th
Rock Crawl:  26th
Endurance: 4th
Overall: 7th
Out of 96 competing Teams

2006 - Oregon State University

(Portland, OR)

Senior Car (Black Sheep)
Cost:  40th
Design: 12th
Sales Presentation:  22nd
Acceleration:  9th
Maneuverability: 10th
Hill Climb:  10th
Rock Crawl:  22nd
Endurance: 7th
Overall: 7th
Out of 84 Teams







2005 - Baja 100

(Caterpillar Proving Grounds, Tucson Arizona)

Cost:  47th
Design: 59th
Acceleration:  DNS
Maneuverability: 9th
Hill Climb:  48th
Rock Crawl:  38th
Endurance: 89th
Overall: 76th
Out of 130 Teams








2004 - Oregon State University

(Portland, OR)
Senior Car - only one vehicle registered (pictured left)
Design:  10th
Cost:  20th
Sales Presentation:  11th
Acceleration:  10th
Maneuverability: 31st
Hill Climb:  25th
Rock Crawl:  2nd
Endurance: 15th
Overall: 8th
Out of 84 Teams


2002 - Utah State University

(Logan UT)

Senior Car
Design:  45th
Cost:  30th
Sales Presentation:  39th
Acceleration:  40th
Maneuverability: 42nd
Hill Climb:  14th
Overall: 22nd
Out of 100 teams








2001 - Kansas State University

Senior Car
Acceleration:  4th
Maneuverability: 6th 
Hill Climb: 7th 
Endurance: 11th
Overall: 6th
Underclass Car (pictured right)
Acceleration:  27th 
Maneuverability: 7th
Hill Climb: 1st 
Endurance: 17th
Overall: 13th
Out of 101 Teams

  2000 -   Kansas State University

Senior Car
Design:  30th
Cost:  61st
Sales Presentation:  41st
Acceleration:  73rd
Maneuverability: 59th
Hill Climb:  35th
Endurance: 34th
Overall: 53rd
Out of 84 Teams

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